Our story

A tale of adventure, illumination and mystery, a journey through exotic lands which has brought together our passion for design, quality and style.

Capturing the very essence of both Ibiza and ancient oriental influences, unleash the mythical legends of the east and dive deep into Aladdin´s cave to discover the unique, bespoke, sensuous and inimitable style of Devasuki. Mesmerising, enchanting, exotic and sensuous, allow yourself to enter their world of glamour, colour and fantasy.

Born from the passion of the formidable partnership between a mother and daughter, who have travelled the world together, experiencing and embracing ancient cultures, being themselves enchanted by the colourful world of silks, beads, pearls, fabrics, heady scents and rich, luxurious textiles, along with  the sheer beauty of the places they visited became inspired to create their very own label together..

Our learnings about mythology, legends, traditions and spirituality are the reasons behind our names and our brand

The names Devas & Vasuki come from the oldest Indian language, Sanskrit, and references to both can be found throughout Vedic literature from the 2nd millennium BCE. The name Deva means; heavenly, Divine, “the one who shines”. Vasuki is a Nagaraja, one of the king serpents of Hindu mythology, a Shiva snake. The name Devasuki is an amalgamation of their names, with Deva´s being followed by Valeria´s spiritual name, ´Vasuki´ which she was given on her first ever visit to India, after meeting Babaji (Haidakhan Baba ) in the Himalayas.

Through their joint quest to find a higher awareness, they have immersed themselves fully into different cultures to take inspiration from the mystical places they have visited together, embracing the colourful  and spiritual influences of the different religions of these countries, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and many more, and through these experiences, have discovered how to use their creativity as a tool to go higher, resulting in their brand Devasuki, inspired by the orient and the ancient cultures they have studied, merging worlds and realities.

We have visited the furthest  flung corners of the globe to learn, explore, elevate ourselves to create our visions and transform them into reality

Valeria never lost her passion for travelling, and when Deva was born, they embarked on new adventures together, with Deva enjoying a carefree and diverse upbringing, being born in Ibiza, but travelling the world to Thailand, India, Bali, Jakarta, Morocco, as well as many more diverse and undiscovered, wondrous places such as Egypt, Turkey, experiencing a childhood full of wonder and an education of so many different cultures that not many children could ever be so lucky to see.

Here they became entranced with the textiles, handwoven fabrics, and the sheer originality of the decorative pieces she saw, was where their love affair with this island began, and she began to import her own bespoke pieces to her home country of Italy, where it immediately became in huge demand from the very best interior designers in the city. Soon, they returned to their beloved island of Ibiza, and after a few years of privately selling their pieces privately, they opened their very own store called Deva Gallery in Santa Eulalia..

As she grew, Deva also spread her wings, taking her flight from Ibiza at the tender age of 12, she studied at a Steiner School, where she found her inner confidence and the freedom to express herself in so many ways.. unlocking her creativity. Later, from the age of 16, she studied a HND course in Brighton, three years of studying 3D graphics and textiles, carrying onto a degree in textiles and fashion, graduating in 2008, where she was chosen to present the final fashion show of London Fashion Week, showcasing her very wearable, unique and Ibiza inspired collection, named Global Encounter, merging ethnicity with glamour.

Being always drawn back to her home island, she moved back to Ibiza in 2008, to begin her own label in collaboration with her ever creative mother, and this beautiful partnership was born.. From Valerias´s innate talent for decorating homes, to Deva´s for decorating bodies, a fabulous partnership was made. Their creations were sold in some of the most prestigious boutiques across Ibiza and Italy, including KM5, El Clodenis, Bambuddha Grove, Sirocco and many more. The brand has continued to grow and expand with each season, as their wealth of experience brings them ever more into forefront of the Ibiza fashion scene.

Our creations

Magical, captivating, enchanting, we guarantee you will find everything you need for your clothing and accessories range, or home and garden within our collections.

Each collection is always different, merging a sweet and sensuous centre with a harder edge, using always the most luxurious fabrics with prints designed by themselves, using lace, leather, silk and many different fabrics into each piece.  The focus is always on the quality of the textiles and materials used, with clever draping, inventive use of beading, embroidery and adornments making each piece so unique. The clothes somehow manage to capture that tricky balance between subtle, glamourous  and sexy, wearable, functional, and stylish. The influence of the different cultures that the designers have experienced are obvious in many pieces, with bohemian touches often adding that little bit of magic to certain items. Each design is so different, yet a strong sense of quality, craftmanship and natural flair abounds throughout. Devasuki has a outfit for any occasion you could wish for, and Deva and Valeria are always on hand to offer their expert advice, using their own innate sense of style. Alongside the extensive clothing collections, they have an ever expanding range of accessories, belts and are currently working on a capsule collection, easy pieces which cover every occasion for a style conscious traveller, to complete the ´Devasuki´ look.

Their creations are available to view by appointment at the stunning cliffside villa in San Carlos, where you can browse and delight in their divine offerings at your leisure, with their expert advice at your disposal, even creating your own individual dress or outfit for a special occasion. As you soak up the beauty of their home, become inspired by the idyllic spaces that Valeria has created, and you may even choose to commission your own bespoke designs for your home and garden.

At Devasuki we are constantly evolving, creating and moving forward, so be expecting to see more magical and unique offerings from us in the very near future..

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